Maaike van Eijk. Born and raised in The Hague. Certified fitness instructor. Started her career at a translation agency which she eventually took over. Sold it right before the economic crisis. Ended up in an open-plan office before coming to her senses. Quit her job at once and founded Sobriquet. Lifts heavy things for fun.

Remy van der Meer. Studied industrial design once but didn’t like stuff. Then decided he wanted to become a jazz guitarist but was rejected from the conservatory. Refused to grow up and studied philosophy and logic. Wrote a very long thesis on three lines by Wittgenstein. Came out unscathed. Or so he thinks.

Thom van der Wal. Descended on us from our Royal City. Did lots of things at school except pay attention. Started to study philosophy in frustration and then fell upon writing. Feels nothing for existentialism. Has since scrubbed up reasonably well. Now punches keys for a living. Sporadically inspired. Occasionally lyrical.

Relentless when it comes to quality. Just like us. Colin, Kelly, Paula, Maud, Liz, Lionel, Aude, Emeline, Pascale, Sabine, Bettina, Sybille, Marleen, Steffie, Filippo, Marit, Lucia, Esther, Betânia and Jolanta make up the illustrious group of translators, editors and copywriters we work with. Thanks to these polyglot wizards, we can tell a tale in any language.

T. rex Trix. Happily six feet under for 66 million years. Then discovered, packed in crates and shipped to Leiden. Never asked for that. Now the star attraction at Naturalis. Photographed by us because we have a wooden dinosaur as a mascot. But you guessed it: we never asked Trix.

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