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Some things are a match made in heaven. Macaroni and cheese. A cold beer on a scorcher. Strong coffee and dark chocolate.

And some pairings don’t work quite as well. Coffee and macaroni, for example. Or chocolate and beer. Imagine sweaty cheese on a hot day.

Then there are things that just don’t mix. Such as concentration and distraction.

As Mr Russell once wisely observed: ‘To be able to concentrate for a considerable time is essential to difficult achievement.’

The crafts of writing and translation require singular focus.

Sometimes it’s like that one word is on the tip of your tongue. For hours.

Sometimes you flow.

Until distraction undoes the current. And with it disappear the ideas, the words, everything.

Some facts:

Distraction reduces your IQ by ten points for at least a minute.

It can take up to 15 minutes to regain complete focus.

In this time you are 20% more likely to make a mistake.

If a nearby colleague is talking, your productivity generally drops by about 60%.

In short, distraction is the last thing you need when writing, editing or translating a complex piece.

That is why all phones at our office are set to silent.

Because there is always someone in deep focus.

Call you back? We’d rather write.

Calling means finding a spot where you’re not bothering anyone, having a conversation, settling back at the computer, logging the call and trying to regain some sense of focus.

Now you know. If you call us and no one answers, we’re crafting something special.

You’re better off sending an email.

Or, go on, send us a text.

We’ll make sure you receive an answer straight away.

Because writing is our trade.